Episode #62:What core skills do you need to be a digital sports marketer?

This Week's Special Guest Interview: Sean Callanan

​Today's episode, I have the privilege to welcome you to Sean Callanan.

Sean is a International Keynote Speaker & Founder of Sports Geek. Specialising in connecting sports teams, fans, and sponsors with the use of technology and social media. Also, Sean is a Podcaster, where he is the host on the Sports Geek Podcast show. If you want to work in the digital sector of the sports industry, it's a MUST listen.

To hear more about Sean's career journey in the sports industry. Click the 'PLAY' button above and listen to Episode 62: What core skills do you need to be a digital sports marketer.​

About the Show:

Today's episode, Sean will share his sports career journey, and explain the core skills you need to be a digital sports marketer.

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In this Episode: Here's what you'll Discover:

  1. ​You will understand the core skills to be a digital sports marketer.
  2. Sean provides you employment tips on how you can improve your opportunities starting a career in the sports industry, so it can be a reality.
  3. Most of all you will discover the reality how social media has an impact in modern day sport.

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